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5 Lifestyle Options for Seniors

The boomer generation steps into older adulthood with significantly different lifestyle demands. They have higher expectations of the stage. They will approach retirement and aging with flair and enthusiasm. Boomers want to live differently than their parents’ generation. They will stay active and strive for good health, and remain connected socially. It’s the boomer generation who will change aging for the others who follow behind.

Most have the urge to “keep on, keeping on,” and to probe and examine what’s working and what’s not in their lives. Here is a list of the trends that embrace a boomer’s successful existence.

Where to Live

Nursing homes is not their first choice. Put simply, they prefer nursing homes taken out of the equation. As we all know from a study by AARP, close to 90% of aging boomers want to age in place.

Since many prefer connection; the emerging innovations like wellness and cultural centers, intergenerational programs and hospitality influences are top of mind. These trends infiltrate assisted living communities today offering cutting edge technology, social environments, lifelong learning, and community engagement.

Health and Wellness

Since most older adults live with at least one chronic condition, boomers know they will face more health challenges down the road. This need will drive for more development of wellness services and products. A survey by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a), National Council on Aging (NCOA), UnitedHealthcare and USA TODAY shows a greater number of boomers set goals for health and exercise. More so than in the years before 2015, boomers feel motivated and driven.

  • They workout consistently

  • They make deliberate choice

  • They set goals to live more independently


The Pew Research Center reveal the growing statistics of boomers who go online for social connections, health research, family communications, and learning activities. Here’s a list of technologies they want:

  • Tablets and iPads

  • Hearing aids

  • Video and computer games

  • Skype

  • Health tracking software

  • Wireless internet

  • Smartphones

  • Wireless home monitoring

  • GPS

  • Home assistive devices

Social Connections

Boomers are active and prefer community involvement like college classes, and volunteering at favorite charities. Making a difference remains a top priority. Other ways they want to connect:

  • Involvement at libraries

  • Attending activity programs at senior centers

  • Staying fit at the YMCA

  • Entertaining at home, in restaurants, going to theaters

  • Attending lifelong learning classes

Engage and Evolve

Seniors know that exploring new ways to be vital and healthy is the only secret to aging gracefully. Boomers set new trends by going beyond traditional programs and gravitate to purposeful activities that enhance quality of life and support lifestyle choices.

  • Multidimensional wellness programs

  • Chronic health conditions

  • Cultural diversity and bilingual learning

  • Emphasis on lifestyle choices and quality of life

  • Nontraditional exercise options, yoga, tai chi, and meditation

  • Wellness centers rather than fitness centers

  • Co-housing and 55+ communities partnering with hospitals, therapy companies, and wellness consultants on space planning, staffing, and programming

  • Social networking and Facebook

  • Part-time work

  • Volunteer in the community

  • Traveling the world

(Courtesy of Science Care...)

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