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Holiday Gift Guide for Older Adults

It can be difficult to shop for a gift for a senior loved one during the holidays. Many older adults seem to have everything they could want or need. Those who have downsized and moved to a new home might also have less space to store or display their treasures. But it’s still important to show our family elders how much they are loved and appreciated.

Holiday Gift Guide for Older Adults

Experience gifts can be memorable for seniors and their families alike. These are holiday gifts that money can’t buy:

  • Plan a special day out, such as dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie appropriate for all generations of the family.

  • Schedule a movie night featuring family videos—the older the better! If you don’t have any, you can create one using old family photos and your loved one’s favorite music.

  • Think about something your senior loved one has always wanted to do, and see if you can pull some strings to make it happen. This can range from riding a motorcycle to singing the national anthem at a local sporting event.

  • Take a class together, even if it’s just online. Photography, piano, tap dancing, or chair yoga can all be adapted and enjoyed across the generations.

Your older loved one is part of a generation that prefers sending and receiving letters and cards to email and text messaging. Put together a package of supplies they can use to do that. Here are a few ideas on items to include:

  • Custom stationary, cards, and address labels

  • A box of thank you notes

  • Several books of pretty postage stamps

  • A personalized pen and pencil set

However, digital devices are also popular among some older adults. A senior can read an e-book they borrow from the local library, email friends, or catch up on family news via Facebook. Holiday gifts that help them enjoy their devices more could include the following:

  • Online subscription to their favorite magazines

  • Gift cards to purchase books or music online

  • A new case for their device or a wireless charger

Small Gift Ideas for Seniors

Here are a few smaller gift ideas for adults to enjoy opening during the holiday season:

  • Crossword puzzle books

  • Board games to play with the grandkids

  • Scented soap for the kitchen and bath

  • Slippers with non-skid soles

  • Gift certificate to the in-house beauty shop

  • New kitchen or bath towels

  • Seasonal wreath for their door

  • Craft supplies or a craft kit

  • Family photo album or scrapbook

We hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for your senior loved one.

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