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Moving Tips for Seniors

Moving – whether from one home to another or downsizing to a smaller space – requires time and planning, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. These quick tips can help make your move go a bit more smoothly.

Make a plan.

It’s never too early to start planning your move – and creating a to-do list is a great place to begin. Would you like assistance with both moving and packing? Will you be placing anything in storage, or will you be downsizing by selling, donating, or giving items away?

Labels, labels, labels!

The more organized your packing is, the easier it will be to unpack items and settle in comfortably to your new home. Before you tape boxes closed, clearly label them on the top and sides with the following information: the room the items will be placed in, a brief description of the items in the box, and if the contents of the box are fragile. This will allow you, as well as anyone helping you move and organize, to know exactly where the boxes belong without having to open them first.

Pack, store, or donate.

As you begin sorting through and packing your possessions, it is a great time to decide how certain items will fit into your new home, or if they will fit into your new home. Do you have family heirlooms that you would like to store for safekeeping or give to a relative? What about items that you would feel comfortable parting with – such as dinnerware and dishes that you no longer want or need? If so, you might consider donating them to a local organization or charity that is close to your heart.

Making the move.

Prepare for moving day by packing a small suitcase or overnight bag with clothes, toiletries, any medications, and emergency contact numbers that you may need readily available, so you don’t have to dig or search in case of an emergency. When packing, have a box of essentials – the last box packed, and first you unpack – that includes a first aid kit, soap, toilet paper, trash bags, bedding, towels, and a flashlight.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Unsure of where to start or looking for resources, movers, and assistance? We’re here to help! We know it can be overwhelming to start the process of downsizing your life, from getting your home ready to hit the market to figuring out what to keep and what to let go of. That’s why we’ve worked hard to establish a community of trusted professionals to help you – from financial advice and estate sales to home maintenance and dozens of other services all at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Reach out today by giving us a call at Seniors on the Move – 503.421.0323.

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