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Winter Recreation Tips for Seniors

While the brisk cold of Pacific Northwest winters can make it tough to enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of ways to remain active and have fun while staying warm! Read on for a few ideas to help keep you active and involved in your community during the winter months.

Take a trip to the museum.

Whether you’re visiting Portland Art Museum, Oregon Historical Society, or even Pittock Mansion, a trip to one of the many local museums and historical sites in Portland can be a great way to keep warm, have fun, and remain active. Many museums offer specials and discounts for seniors, as well! A quick call or to the museum of your choice can confirm senior discounts, holiday pricing, hours, and accessibility.

Visit your favorite mall.

With the cold and rain, walking outside during our winters can be uncomfortable and even a bit slick and dangerous. Fortunately, we have some great malls and shopping centers in and around the city that provide safe, warm alternatives for getting moving and staying active.

Try a Yoga class.

Yoga is a gentle, low impact exercise that can be very beneficial for your overall health. With therapeutic benefits, such as muscle relaxation, elevated mood, reduced anxiety, and increased flexibility, Yoga can be a fantastic way to maintain and improve your health…and you don’t need to be an expert! Most Yoga studios offer classes that are tailored to beginners, and some even have classes that are specifically designed for seniors. Contact your local Senior or Community Center to see if there are classes that may be a fit for you!

Join a Book Club.

Not only are books a great way to learn about and explore interesting topics, they are also a great way to keep our minds sharp and entertained. Whether you create your own small community group or join an already existing club, gathering together with others to discuss your favorite novels and reads is a great way to connect with your community and peers.

Take an art class.

Joining a single class, or taking a regular class series can be a fun way to spend the winter time indoors, while also learning a new skill, or expanding upon an existing one! There are many types of classes out there to enjoy: painting, sculpture, knitting, quilting, woodworking, and many more! Contact your local community and senior centers, as well as local craft shops to learn about classes that may be offered near you.

While the winter weather can make it a bit more difficult to get out and about, it doesn’t have to hold you back from remaining active and involved with your community and peers. If you have any questions about other recreation opportunities, visit the Portland Parks and Recreation Senior Recreation Guide here. Or, you can always reach out to us at any time! We are here for you!

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